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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Three different looks of Paper And Foamiran Poinsettias

I thought I'd show you today some of the latest Poinsettias I've created, using the same Poinsettia with winter leaves die set but some out of 0.6 Foamiran and some out of  paper, well 180 GSM water colour card stock, but hey who's quibbling!!! Lol

I coloured both types with the same colour in the centre using a Versa Colour ink pad,

I heated the Foamiran ones lightly on a moderatly hot iron for a few seconds after first colouring them, this makes the centre of the flowers rise a little, I then gently shaped the petals with a ball tool
Here I layered two flower heads together, alternating the petals, then added some stamens in the middle,

The other Poinsettias like I said I made out of card stock,
these I created two ways,

On this type I coloured the flower heads as before, then slightly dampened them with a water spray bottle, when they started lifting off the mat or whatever you have underneath I placed the flower head upside down and taking a very small ball tool creased along the middle of each petal from the centre to the tip, this makes a very pronounced line, leave to dry then layer two or three layers alternating the petals as you go, add stamens in the centre to finish,

On this type of paper Poinsettia, I again coloured the centres, and again lightly sprayed the flower heads with water, when they start rising off the mat like before, I took one of the heads at a time and turned them upside down on a foam mat but this time again taking a very small ball tool I went around the edges of each petal pushing down gently, this crinkles the petal edges,
So that's three different looks from the same die,

I also cut some of the winter leaves from the die set as well, these I cut out of light weight paper, then coloured with an ink pad,

Lady E Designs - Poinsettia with winter leaves dies
Happy Crafting!!

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Beautifully done. Just received my die set and looking forward to getting started. Thank you for your exceptional presentation.