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Thursday, 9 September 2021

Welcome, All Ye Who Enter Here

 I always make projects for Halloween which as you know isn't overly a thing we British do, but I do it for fun and usually they end up with my Granddaughter who loves to dress up and do trick or treat!! 

In my stash from Calico Craft Parts I had one of the plywood mobile phone bases, and I had an idea (out of the box as they say!!) to use it to set a scene for Halloween, they are really fab for holding phones too, lol

So first of all I gave the phone stand a coating with some sprays by Lindys Gang  keeping in with the Halloween theme, using Glitz Spritz in steel shimmer and brushed Nickel

I then took one of the Pannelled doors which has fabulous detail on it, I didn't want to lose this detail so again I used the same sprays as for the holder plus a little of the Magicals shaker in Forest Black, this I painted on over the top, and the result was fab, they gave colour and a little shimmer, sorry though you can't see that too well on the picture, but it shows all the details,

I then  adhered the door to the phone holder,

I then used one of the floral flourishes on the top of my Halloween scene to add interest too, again using sprays to colour,  Magical shaker Oktoberfest Orange, Hibiscus Rose and Lederhosen Green,

I then added Halloween themed bits and pieces from my stash,

I used some of the Black Forest magical shaker on the cheescloth to give the impression of a cobweb,

The die cut leaves have the Ocktoberfest orange and Hibiscus Rose shakers on them and the airdry clay pumpins which I had previously made have Flat Fabio -Tears on my Pillow Tangerine sprayed on them,

These doors look fabulous for shabby chic/pretty projects too, but I think it looks awesome for Halloween just round the corner too,

Birch Plywood smart phone stand

Pannelled double door

Thorned Rose Scroll - Flora and Fauna flourish style 24

Well I hope that's given you a little inspiration for how to use the products and just maybe a little differently too,

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, 26 August 2021

On Your Wedding Day

 Hi guys, I'm back today with another project using one of the awesome MDF windows from

Calico Craft parts

The first time I looked at this window I thought it is perfect for Weddings or Christenings, I'm sure other uses too but this is what it said to me, lol

I didn't want to lose any of the fine detail on the window, so taking a little white Gesso onto a piece of sponge, I simply dabbed it over the front, it left this look which leaves the detail but adds a little texture to the window too,

When dry I went around the edges with a little vintage photo distress ink,

I also used these adorable MDF hearts, well it is a romantic themed card isn't it? and they perfectly with the window,

Calico craft parts make these fantastic word elements, they have the same style with different words on and one that comes plain, of course I used this set because the sentiment was again perfect,

I finished off my card with some spattered white Gesso which also gives the impression of confetti,

Window - stone mullion double gothic window arch

Word Elements - Occasions

Mini hearts 

Check out all the wonderful MDF and plywood pieces available from Calico Craft parts, 

Hugs Liz x

Thursday, 12 August 2021


 Hi guys, I'm loving making albums at the moment, and when I saw on

Calico Craft Parts one of the Art Dolls they sell, it inspired me to create an Art themed album,

So what to use for the cover, well the front and back is a MDF media Board squares which can be bought with holes already cut for you, I chose the two option this time, they come with four or none options too,

I painted the mdf media board all over with some white Gesso first, this I left quite rough to acheive a wall look,

I then used distress paints here and there to create a random colourful background, leaving the outer edges with the white to make the colours pop,

I then took this fabulous MDF window and again after giving it a coat of white Gesso, I simply used the same paints randomly over the window, I love this effect,

I glued the window onto the dry cover and then added a fussy cut art themed easel from the Stamperia Art Des collection,

 I used 

some papers next to create a scene where I could use this MDF cut and saucer, again given a coat of white Gesso first then when dry the distress paints randomly used over the top, then when dry I stamped some text from my stash,

The next page is just some fussy cut papers, with a pocket for a removable piece onto which I did some art themed stamping,

Overleaf is again some fussy cutting from the fabulous paper range, where I have added a tiny MDF star,

This gave room again for the Fabulous Art Doll I mentioned earlier,

I kept him in his natural colour, popped the pieces together with some mini brads from my stash, then gave him a few flicks of paint randomly over the top, I couldn't resist making him look likes he's posing for a drawing, lol

The next page is again kept fairly flat, with fussy cut papers and a pocket effect,

The last page is again on a MDF square, painted as the front but I decorated this one with some fussy cut papers, as well as some of the MDF mini labels, these fit the paper perfectly,

I used some more tiny brads for the holes in  the ends,

Do check out the awesome mdf pieces that are so perfect for a project like this,

Calico Craft parts:

MDF square media boards

MDF window - Tudor Arch 

MDF Jointed  Art Doll - Style 1

MDF mini Labels

MDF cup and saucer

Mini Star

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, 29 July 2021

From Me To You

 Hi Guys, I want to show you a MDF Trug from Calico Craft Parts that  I've put together which I think would make a lovely gift for anyone special,


I put it together then gave it all a coat of white gesso, when dry I went over with two layers of acrylic paint,

I took a stamp from my stash and randomly stamped a little text here and there on all four sides of the Trug,

I then took a Rose flower head stencil I have in my stash and with some transparent medium stencilled the Rose heads here and there too,

When all the media was dry I added this lovely MDF Ashleaf and twig keeping it in it's natural colour as a focal point for the front,

MDF - Trug 

MDF - Ashleaf and twig 

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, 15 July 2021

Christmas In July

 I can't believe I'm doing Christmas in July, I mean what! who me!! but I honestly couldn't resist putting this gorgeous mdf Sleigh together and decorating it,

After putting the sleigh together, (there is a pdf tutorial you can download to help), I painted it with white Gesso all over, then using two colours of antiquing paint I went first over with the darkest blue colour, then using a dry light amount on my brush went over the top with a bluey green colour, this gives a fantastic weathered look,

When dry I went over the intracate sections with some sliver wax from my stash, adding it with my finger,

Here's where I decorated the inside section from my stash using bits and bobs Christmas related, I love to do a silver, blue themed Christmas as against the traditional red and green, but of course you can decorate it in whatever colours you wish,

I built up my layers to give added interest,

Finally I added some fake snow to the parts of the sleigh where I thought snow may settle,

I hope you have a go too,

Sleigh - Mdf kit - style 2

Happy Crafting!!