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Thursday, 29 July 2021

From Me To You

 Hi Guys, I want to show you a MDF Trug from Calico Craft Parts that  I've put together which I think would make a lovely gift for anyone special,


I put it together then gave it all a coat of white gesso, when dry I went over with two layers of acrylic paint,

I took a stamp from my stash and randomly stamped a little text here and there on all four sides of the Trug,

I then took a Rose flower head stencil I have in my stash and with some transparent medium stencilled the Rose heads here and there too,

When all the media was dry I added this lovely MDF Ashleaf and twig keeping it in it's natural colour as a focal point for the front,

MDF - Trug 

MDF - Ashleaf and twig 

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, 15 July 2021

Christmas In July

 I can't believe I'm doing Christmas in July, I mean what! who me!! but I honestly couldn't resist putting this gorgeous mdf Sleigh together and decorating it,

After putting the sleigh together, (there is a pdf tutorial you can download to help), I painted it with white Gesso all over, then using two colours of antiquing paint I went first over with the darkest blue colour, then using a dry light amount on my brush went over the top with a bluey green colour, this gives a fantastic weathered look,

When dry I went over the intracate sections with some sliver wax from my stash, adding it with my finger,

Here's where I decorated the inside section from my stash using bits and bobs Christmas related, I love to do a silver, blue themed Christmas as against the traditional red and green, but of course you can decorate it in whatever colours you wish,

I built up my layers to give added interest,

Finally I added some fake snow to the parts of the sleigh where I thought snow may settle,

I hope you have a go too,

Sleigh - Mdf kit - style 2

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, 1 July 2021

Spring Blooms

 Hi guys, I thought today I'd show you a Journal I've created using some of the fabulous MDF pieces from

Calico Craft Parts

This is the front of my journal, I created the front and back of my journal with Calico Craft parts Rectangles, these come in different sizes but this time I used the 10cm by 20cm (100mm by 200mm)

These I painted on the outer edges on both sides with some Green paint from my stash after first coating with white Gesso, I have made a video on the steps of my journal which I will pop below,

The inside pages are made with  Z folds which I decorated with designer papers, stickers and the fabulous MDF flowers by Calico Craft Parts, plus Bees and Butterflies

Here I added one of the gorgeous mini butterflies which I had painted with white Gesso then coloured with Ecoline brush pens,

The next panel has one of the adorable mini bees on as well as one of the Flower pieces,

I again used a Butterfly on the next panel, colouring it in the same way, but this time with just one colour,

On the next panel I've agin used one of the stunning mini Bees along with another of the flower pieces,

In my video I show how I've coloured the Butterflies, flowers, Bees, and how I painted the rectangle cover pieces plus put it all together,

I added some more Bees and Butterflies to the pages as well as a few watered down gesso splats,

Calico Craft Parts - Products used:

MDF Rectangles

MDF Snowdrops floral shape style 4

MDF Bluebells stle 47

Wild flowers and sunflowers patch shape

Wild flowers in grass shape

Mini MDF Bees and Beehive 

MDF Butterflies style 4       

The video link

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Vintage Coasters

 Do you love to create items you can use for the home? I do occasionally and when I saw these MDF round beer mats from the

Calico Craft Parts online shop,

 I knew I had to use some, but as Coasters,

I needed to replace my coasters as I have a puppy and it ate nearly all my coasters when younger, not a good look I can tell you, so thes are to replace those as she now behaves,!! lol

You can decorate the coasters in so many ways, but this time I had some vintage themed Rice paper in my stash so following on from that I also added some crackle to add to the vintage look,

I started them all off by first painting a couple of fine layers of white Gesso to one side of the coasters,

while these dried I had some cork type material in my stash so I cut one circle each for the bottom of each coaster, this will help the coaster staying in place when being used,

I did the same steps for all the coasters but I will show you the 3 different coasters as I tell you what I did,

So the gesso is dry and I've cut out the Rice paper design, taking a soft brush and some all purpose medium, or you could use decoupage medium too, glue the Rice paper down in the centre of the coaster, I popped some of the all purpose medium on the top half of the coaster and went over the Rice paper with a fine brush with a little more of the medium on so that any air bubbles was got rid off, then I did the lower half of the Rice design following the same steps, then again going over with some of the medium, this makes sure it sticks well on the edges too,

Let these dry completly, I then took some 2 part fine crackle varnish which I painted over the whole coaster including on the Rice paper, I went over in one direction up and down then right and left to get the desired crackle effect, I let this first stage dry for 2 to 3 hours, then went over with part 2 of the crackle paste, using the same method as the first, I let this dry again for a few hours,

The next stage was to add some antiquing paste I have again in my stash, this fills in the cracks, I then went over with a clean soft cloth to remove the excess, 

Then I gave all 3 a coat of matt varnish to add some protection, and adhered the cork circles on the back side of the coasters,

I do hope I've given you some inspiration of one way to decorate the coasters, or of course they can be used as Beer Mats or soft drink mats,

MDF Beer Mats

 Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, 3 June 2021

We're all a little mad here

 Hi guys, I saw this fabulous Mdf Journal book on the Calico Craft Parts website, you can buy it with inner sections for 5 different layouts, I chose the one with 2/ 4 sections this time, these I glued together and adhered into the base inside,

I will start with the outside front cover, which I painted with some acrylic paints in a couple of shades of blue, I painted the lighter shade first, then when dry went over here and there with the darker one, I let these dry completely, I painted the inside sections at this stage too,

I wanted to make the journal with an vintage Alice in Wonderland theme of which I had in my stash some images and a stencil, so taking the stencil and some modelling paste I stencilled through the word stencil placing it towards the top so I could adhere an image lower down,

I also used a hearts and clock stencil at the opposite corners of the journal front to balance it up,

when all the stencilling was dry I went over the top using some waxes in blue and gold, this highlights the stencilling, and kept the vintage look,

I then added these fabulous small Fleur-De- Lis hinges on the front,I kept these in the colour they came in to match with the book spine which I had left as it came too,

The journal comes with a piece of Mdf you can use to close the journal with, I haven't used it this time though as instead I used some stretchy string to go around the cover and back,

I cut down a scene of the Alice papers I had in my stash along with some Emphemera which I adhered onto the back of the front cover, this gave interest with out being to bulky,

I gathered together some more die cut images, flowers, another saying and a bottle which I had filled with glitter to look like the Potion Alice drinks, then on one of the sections I used the adorable caddy kit add on in small, for the mdf Tea, teapot and cups which of course fit brilliantly with the Alice theme, these I again kept in their natural colours as the inside spine to make it all mix and match,

These are so useful !!!and can of course be painted etc if needed,

I created this for my Granddaughter who loved it!! 

Calico Craft parts:

Journal tray 

Caddy Kit add on sheet - Tea Set

Hinges - Fleur-De-Lis

Do check out these and lots more Mdf and Plywood products at reasonable prices,

Happy Crafting!!

Saturday, 29 May 2021

Alice Themed Journal

 Hi guys, i've been really busy with life at the minute, so in between having to sort stuff out I've dabbled with a journal for my Granddaughter,

I'm really new to these, so haven't really got a clue what I'm doing!! lol

Anyway I'll show you what I've created,

I bought the adorable Alice in Wonderland themed kit from

The craft box uk

with gorgeous papers, images chipboards, stencils and charms, this time apart from one of the charms on the closure I've kept it to the papers and images,

The inside has some signatures, while on the front inside cover I created a pocket with a strip pf the paper, then I added one of the smaller paper pads sheets as a removable section, she can write on this or just see the image,

I used a few of the papers for the Signature section, so I'll go through them,

I added some lined paper inbetween some of the papers for her to add her own writing or drawing,

Here I added a ticket effect using one of the images from the smallest paper pad, I used one of the emphemera images on the opposite page simply adhering it down over one of the papers,

Here I used another emphemera piece, along with a tag shape again cut from the smaller paper pad, then I stamped one of the stamped verses that again came with the kit,
I left space again for her to create!

Another page for her creativity, with a folded trifold section on the other side, this I've tied with twine,

These are cut slightly cut down images to fit the base card, so it folds up,

The back section I have again left plain, I could of course added more but for this one I wanted her ideas to flow too,

The signatures are hand sewn together, then I used some stretchy string to fix them into the album,

I had fun creating this, I think I may do more, lol
Happy Crafting!!

Friday, 28 May 2021

To someone special,

 Just a quick post sharing my hubby's Birthday card I made for him today, using the stunning stamp by 

Shokart from Dalimarket,

After stamping the image twice I decoupaged the bird over the other with 3D foam, then added keys, moss and some gems from my stash,

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, 20 May 2021

Timeless Beauty

 Hi guys, I'm back today with another dt post for

Calico Craft Parts,

Have you seen the amazing MDF and Plywood pieces they have in their online store? do check them out thery are well worth a visit,

So today I have altered one of the MDF House shaped mixed media boards, so many possabilities with these but this time here's what I created,

I also used the Mini MDF wood windows and the Panelled door with frame,

I gave them all a coating of white Gesso,

When dry I used a couple of stencils from my stash to decorate the House, this gives depth and added interest to the base, 

I adhered the windows of which I glued two single ones side by side both times to create a larger window effect, then I adhered the Door which I had previously painted with a light Patina effect paint and I had used some stone effect paste on the door frame,

I added some brown paint to the window frames and another layer of white Gesso along with some crackle paste here and there too,

I went along the outside edges of the house with some distress ink, this gives a little definition to the house, as you can see I wanted a rustic look to the house so I went for a random look,

To finish off I took some flowers from my stash and adhered them as shown, then I adhered the Butterfly on top of the flowers and one on the top of the House for balance, these again I had first painted with white Gesso, then when dry a light Patina paint,

I hope I've inspired you to have a go,

Mdf House shape - Mixed Media Board

Mini Butterflies - Style 4

Mini Wood Windows - Wood Shapes

Panelled Door With Frame - style 8

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Quirky Themed Phone Stand

 Hi guys, Gosh it's gone chilly again as I'm writing this, I hope the sun returns soon,

to cheer myself up I altered this fabulous Plywood phone holder from

Calico Craft Parts

The holder fits my phone easily and even has space for the charging lead to go through while it's sat there, Lol

I have a small tutorial on how I got this look,

I glued the sections in place by placing the back section through the pre cut slot on the front as shown,

I then painted a fine layer of white Gesso over all the sections, when dry I took some benders with three colours of Distress oxides and randomly added colour to the sections, going over the other colour where it meets to blend it in, I used Blue Lagoon, Twisted Cirton and Fossilized Amber, next to stop the inks coming off I lightly sprayed the surfaces with a cheap hair spray, let dry,

I then stamped onto the sections, using Versafine Clair in Verdant, this went with the colour's I'd chosen but still showed,

As you can know it already has the back stand attached, so to make it easier to stamp and do the rest of the media on it I took a mixed media tub I had in my stash, (any tub will do as long as it's roughly the same height or a little bit higher as the back stand, but it needs to give a firm surface to be able to place your stamp on, (so the front surface is flat to work on)

This is the stamp pad by AALL and Create with the ink I used to stamp onto the surfaces, I didnt add my stamp to an acrylic block so I could press my fingers on the back of the stamp to get it into smaller sections too, this gives a variety to the stamping too as some are more defined then others, (this adds to the effect) let this dry as the ink will remain wet for a while, you can use aheat tool lightly over the top, but be careful not to burn the plywood,

Next I took a star stencil with some Modelling paste, this I randomly spread through the stencil here and there, again some parts missed or were thinner layeres, I wanted this effect as it gives the quirky look and lets a bit of the colour show through,
Leave to dry naturally, if you use heat it could make the stencil paste bubble, I didn't want this as I wanted it kept flat,

I had stamped coloured and fussy out out the bird images, then adhered them onto the front over some of the stencilled stars as shown, again I kept these flat to the surface of the phone holder, I decided I wanted a little more stamping at this stage so using a smaller text stamp and Versafine Clair Nocturne ink to make it stand out a little more I randomly placed it here and there, again I used just my fingers for the stamping to add small sections,

I used another stamped bird facing the opposite way, placing it lower down on the holder, glued in the same way,

I fussy cut out a sentiment on a separate piece of card, then glued it in the middle again keeping it flat,

And there is my finished quirky themed phone stand,
Just the thing to brighten up a dull day!! lol

Happy Crafting!!