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Saturday, 21 April 2018

My latest display with foamiran Flowers

Hi guys, I want today to show you a collection of flowers I've made as a display using some of the fabulous Foamiran from Agnes at 14 Craft Bar,

I've made quite a few flowers using the same  multi flower die, just using different sized petals and gluing them in a different way too, this means one die set can give lots of beautiful flowers for the cost of one die set,

I used 0002 Ecru Foamiran as the base of most of my flowers, then I simply coloured the petals with some oil pastels, for this flower I used a die from my stash, after cutting out the petals I scrunched the petals up after colouring with the oil pastels and then spread them in the middle of the petals leaving the tops scrunched up as much as I could, For this flower I also used some stamens,

This flower was made using the multi flower die using the next to largest sized petal and again some of the stamens, I also coloured the edges of the petals with some oil pastel but in a lighter colourway this time,

This small rose bud style flower has Ecru foamiran on the outer petals with some Apricot silk foam for the inner ones, again the multi flower die was used for these,( please excuse my glue strings, they always show more under the lamp I use to photograph my images with) these can be easily removed of course!!!! LOL, I then used some Olive Green foamiran for the leaves just colouring the edges with another oil pastel too,

Again I made this flower out of the Multi flower die, colouring the edges of the outer petals the same way and using some silk foam in Apricot for the centres,

Here is another of the style of flower I showed above,

Here I used the Multi flower die using the 3rd sized petal up for a Rose Bud styled flower again using the Apricot Silk foam and Olive Green for the leaves,

This open curly rose styled flower was made using pale peach Foamiran for the outer petals coloured with the paler oil pastel as used before for another flower, then I used the Ecru Foamiran onto which I added no extra colour for the centre petals, 

I used the Rosy Dot die AC2  and the pale peach Foamiran for the small flower bunch , these I coloured with the oil pastels and added a tiny button from my stash for the centres, this style of flower bunch makes a great filler for the display as shown,

This is the finished top view of my flower display, where you can see most of the different types of flowers I made,

As you can see I arranged the flowers with some larger hand cut leaves and more rose buds,

Have a go at the different styled flowers you can make with the fabulous range of Foamiran, stamens, dies and stencils plus lots of other products over at 14 Craft Bar too,

 Happy Crafting!!!


Plony said...

Awesome......This is so beautiful...I have to learn a lot about the foamiran but.....I like it so I must watch and try.....and hope sometimes I will make something this beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration. xxx Plony

Beth Brovold said...

Hey there Liz!! Hope this finds you and yours well! STUNNING Foamiran flowers my certainly have a talent for creating these beauties...well actually you have a talent for all things creative!!!
Take care,

Nancy said...

Wow! Your flowers are so gorgeous, Liz! I've had some Foamiran for a while now but haven't had a chance to play with it yet! One of these
Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! :o)

Pamellia Johnson said...

Wow Liz, I bow down to the master of handmade flowers!!!! These are absolutely exquisite and so freaking realistic looking! Dang!! Hope all has been well with you, I've been keeping busy with spring cleaning this past week. sending hugs :)

ellyscard creatief said...

What a beautiful flowers.