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Sunday, 10 October 2021

Four looks from one stencil

 Did you see the fabulous stencils etc on the Cleverprints show on Saturday?

if you were lucky to get some I thought I'd show you some ways to use one of the stencils,

I used the Lollipop 024 stencil, but it can be used with any others you may have bought,


This effect is created easily using distress oxides simply brushed through the stencil,

colours used are Fozzilized amber, Mermaid Lagoon, Twisted Citron


Taking the stencil you have just used with the distress ink still on, spray a light coating of water over the top of the ink,

Place sprayed stencil down onto your card, and lightly press down,

Lift off carefully and either leave to dry or use a heat tool to dry,


Lay your stencil onto a piece of card, work some Gesso with a craft knife till smooth,

Add a small amount to a piece of foam, I use a cut up washing up foam

Lightly dab the Gesso through the stencil leaving a light layer,

Remove stencil and leave to dry, it won't take long!
place your stencil in warm water to clean,

Go over with your chosen distress oxides or other colour mediums, lightly over the top,

Take a slightly damp cloth or wet wipe, and go over the card, removing the colour from the Gesso, repeat moving the cloth around the design and moving the area of cloth you use, so you don't keep adding back the ink,

This gives a soft look to the design,


Add your chosen colours to your card, using circular motions and a soft brush,

Contine with the other colours, till the card is covered,

Place your stencil over the card and using stencil paste or modelling paste with a spatula or other similar tool stencil over the top and through the design, lift the stencil off carefully and place the stencil straight away into some warm water!
Let your paste dry, some pastes will take a heat gun but can bubble, this effect can look good if you're after it, otherwise leave to dry naturally,

So that's four different looks from one stencil and the same range of colours, you can of course do lots more too,

Happy Crafting!!

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