My Lovely Friends,

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Just Because

Hi guys, I was in the mood for creating flowers at the weekend out of Foamiran and so this is some of the ones I made,

I used the fabulous Flower 004 Dies by Lady E Designs for the rose type flowers, using silk foam in white and a versa colour ink pad in Magenta to colour the petal edges,

I then used the Poinsettia dies for the calyx's behind the flower heads, using some olive green Foamiran and the same ink pad on the edges,

I also used the Leaves 003 dies again by Lady E designs but cut these out of card stock and again edged the leaves in the ink pad to tone it all in,
I will show you in a couple of days how I used these!!!

Let me know what you think,
Happy Crafting!!!

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Ella's Design said...

Hey, Liz! Saw your Facebook post that you hadn't had any comments, so thought I would come over and leave some love! Unfortunately with Facebook having everyone's posts in one place, it's easier than blog hopping and I have to admit, I too am guilty of neglecting my blog and Blogger friends at times!
You can be sure that it's not because people don't like what you're doing as these flowers are gorgeous! I still haven't had a proper play with my foamiran...can I ask do you use heat to manipulate it and if so, is it an iron or heat gun? Hugs, Lisa x