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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Peony flower tutorial part one - colouring the petals

Hi guys, I'm back with the first part of a tutorial for some Peonies that I made a few weeks back, this part of the tutorial will cover how I coloured the petals,

For this tutorial you will need:

Craft Passion Peony die
0.6 Foamiran white or off white
Olive Green 0.6 Foamiran
 Floral Tape,
Medium ( Oil Pastels)
Tutororial: part one

I used the die cuts from the Peony die plus I hand made another in between the smallest and next sized petal up as I wanted one in between the sizes, as shown above 

I used two colours of  Pentel Oil Pastel for these petals , Crimson number 38 as shown above and Ochre Number 33
Add some of the oil pastel onto a piece of foam, I cut up a washing up sponge into pieces,
My foamiran wasn't white,(sorry I can't remember exactly which colour it was) and  I have found the colours do slightly alter depending on the base colour of the foamiran you use, 

I like the colours to be varied on my petals, so I coloured them in the two colours differently on the petals, here I used the Crimson on the top left, just going slightly lower then the top edge, 
This is then also done on the reverse of the petal as shown below,

You can go over this once, or as many times as you like to get the colour you wish to achieve, the more you add layers the darker or more intense the colour can become, remember to do both sides of your petals,

I then coloured the other top edge with the Ochre colour, and down the side, I often vary one side to the other with how far down I go with the colour too,
ie, the crimson is as far down the petal as my finger but I went further down the Ochre colour on the other edge, this is entirely up to you, it is your flower and your petals, lol

Here is another petal where I have started colouring along the top and down one side, I would then do the Ochre colour on the rest of the petal top and down the other side,

Here the Crimson is in the middle part of the petal I then coloured with the Ochre at the sides shown below,
As you can see I have varied the colour on the petals, basically just placing it where it felt right,

I sometimes blend the colours slightly were they meet, as seen above on the left of the petal,

So basically I do this for all the petal sizes, as shown below, 

Shown here are the products you will need to make up the Peony styled flowers I have made,
 but that will be in part two,
shown tomorrow,

I hope you will see me here then,
any questions just leave me a comment or write me an e-mail, addy on my side bar,
Happy Crafting!!


IVY Ling said...

Beautiful peonies as they're my favourite. Thanks for sharing Liz looking forward to seeing more tomorrow:-) ivy xx

Maria's Paper Thoughts said...

Thank you for the tutorial, hoping to perfect mine to look like yours!!! I am an absolute beginner.

Sylvia Marriott said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial Liz, it is exactly what I wanted cos now I know how to colour them a lot better. Looking forward to part 2. xx

Deborah Artliff said...

Great Demo Liz and the flower is gorgeous can't wait till tomorrow to see how you put it together

Debs xx

Candy said...

Can't wait until tomorrow Liz. Thanks so much
Hugs, Candy xoxo