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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Foamiran Peony style flower tutorial, part three - making up the flowers

Hi guys, this is the 3rd tutorial on my Peony styled flowers, part one and two are in my last two previous posts, if you wish to scroll down and see them first,

These flowers are all made the same way, the only difference is how many layers of petals I have added to each flower, the more petals the larger the finished flower,

I will be giving the tutorial for one of the flowers

Take a piece of wire, mine is some from my hubbies stash but any suitable wire will do and of course you can buy some for flower making too,
at one end of the wire bend it over with some pliers, if your wires thin enough you can also do this by hand, if at this stage you wish your flowers to stand up though, make sure it is thick enough to do so,

Take some stamens double ended stamens

and fold them in half so both ends meet together,

Take some sewing thread and wrap around the bent middle of the stamens a few times, as shown below, do not cut off  the  thread at this point,

Then take some hot glue and attach the wire to the stamens, you may be able to hook the bent over end of the wire into the wrapped thread, but if not just glue the wire onto the top of the thread,

Wrap some more thread around the wire to help hold in in place,

At this point add some more hot glue,

To start your flower add some glue onto your stamens as shown below,

Take a  small petal and add it to the glue,

At this point nip the petal at the bottom to help give the shape and to make sure the glue adheres to the petal,

Shown below is the look you want, the top of the petal is just slightly above the stamens,

Add some glue at the sides of the petal to keep it held,

then add another bit of glue on the outer bottom edge, 

Add the next petal, slightly overlapping the petal over the last petal edge,

Again keep the petals close to the stamens,

Do the same step for the next petal, this closes the stamens in petals,

If I have added too much glue I sometimes use a wooden skewer to press the petal on so I don't burn my fingers,

This is the look your after,

Add the next layer, doing the same steps, here I would add the next layer gluing the base in between the petals already added, add  another two or three layers of petals,

 For a small flower  head, keep to the smaller petals, but at this stage you can start adding the larger sized up petals too,

 So I then went to the next sized petals,

This is the effect you get, for the medium sized flower I left it at this amount of petals,

At this point it's ready for a Calyx at the bottom, more on that later,

To make a larger flower you do the same steps as above but keep on adding the petals, doing the same moves just adding some more of the largest  petals too,

I think this is enough for today, tomorrow I will show you how to make buds and how to make the Calyx too,
Leave me some comments to let me know you've visited and if you have any questions, please ask,
Happy Crafting!!!


Jenny Shepherd said...

Thanks Liz loving your staged tutorials its certainly keeping me looking out for your blog and by the way this is the best tutorial I have found. please keep them coming. xx

Barbara Tobias said...

Liz, this is really an excellent photo study. I'm learning so much that I may have missed in a video. Thank you for all the time and efforts that it takes to put a study like this together.
Barb from the USA.

Kelly Lloyd said...

Wow that's a great tutorial Liz. Gorgeous flowers. X

Shawn said...

Fabulous tutorial, much better than a video. I love the close up shots! I would love to see more tutorials.