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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Masking Tutorial with digi and stamp

Hi guys, I made a card recently using a gorgeous digi image from Saturated Canary called witches on which I masked a Magnolia moon stamp, a few of you said you would like to see a tutorial so here it is!
please forgive the colour of my pictures as I did them in my craft room and the lights have made the colours wrong and added shadow from myself and the camera, I will do another some day when I can get the light right!!
here is the finished card I did using the digi, and moon stamp from Magnolia,
The  following instructions are for these images,
this is the way I have done this, I know there are other ways too but this is fairly easy to start with, or if your new to crafting!!!
Warning picture heavy, grab a brew first! lol
you will need:
 Digi of your choice
stamp of your choice
stamp  positioner
(prefared card stock for medium coloring )
( this can also be for watercolours but make sure your watercolour paper will go through your printer)
inking medium, for stamp
copy paper or other
removable glue
copics or other
Print out two copies of your digi, one onto your main medium and one on your copy paper,make sure they are the same in size as you will need one for your mask,
When you have printed both of them, take the copy paper one and carefully cut round the top of the witches hats and down to their shoulders, the outside edge below this can just be cut cut straight,
see below!
I didn't attempt to cut out the spider as it's way to fiddly and when the main image is coloured in the spider seems to be in the right place, ie in front of the moon clouds etc,
when you have cut your digi image out from the copy paper you need to add a little removable glue to the back of your cut out section so you can use this as your mask,
Ink up your chosen  stamp, mine is the moon and stamp it onto your stamp positioner using the guide of the positioner to get it in the right place,

Next take your main digi image and place your copy paper copy over the top lining them up carefully, especially  on the bits where the stamp will be masked,
Hopefully you can see the edges where the copy paper is cut straight, the tops of the mask is stuck down and you shouldn't be able to see the digi underneath,
Next place your Moon stamp which you have stamped onto your stamp positioner and place it over your digi  image where you like it, try to look at this carefully as you want it to balance the dig image and not look in the wrong place, 
you could place it like mine or in the middle or to the other side too and of course it would still be alright  lol,
Too fit in with Halloween I also stamped my moon upside down as I thought the clouds looked more spooky that way he he,
When you have your image where you want it carefully lift the section of your stamp positioner which has the image on it and make sue the L shaped piece is still in place, if it moves just do the same steps above to get it back in the right place, then stamp your image over the masked area using your L shaped stamp positioner as your  guide, as shown above,
Remove your stamp positioner and  and this is what it should look like, if you look closely you can see the bottom of the moon is missing between the two right hand side witches, this  probably happened because I didn't stamp hard enough, but it's not a problem as I just used a permanent marker pen and drew the moon  edge in myself, on the first one I did, the moon stamped perfectly first time,

Your mask will have lines on from the stamp, this is perfectly normal and you can always keep it to use again as long as you've saved the digi at this size size on your computer first lol,
To finish off trim your image to size and colour as desired,
hope this has helped and apart from the bad lighting is ok,

let me know either way, oh should I have said that lol,

have fun!
Happy Crafting!!
Hugs Liz xx


Denise said...

Wow Liz you made this so easy to follow thanks so much for sharing. I have never attempted to do masking and will try now thanks again Hugs Denise xx

Teresa - My Crafty Heart said...

Hi Liz,
Ah, so that's how it's done! That's great and very clever too....thankyou so much for the fab tutorial, it's really good of you to do this for us all, Big Hugs, Teresa xxx

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Wonderful card hugs Ginny ♥

Sue - bearhouse said...

This is a brilliant tutorial Liz, thank you so much for sharing.

hugs Sue

Martinas Welt said...

Thanks Liz! It was easier than I thought ;) Great!!

Sue said...

Oh Wow! this is gorgeous Liz… it's a fab tutorial… love the images and your colouring is beautiful… and love the Autumn colours and those scrummy leaves and berries… :-)
Hope you have a lovely evening
Big Hugs
Sue xx

Janette said...

Fabulous card Liz and a great tute to..xx

coops said...

fantastic tutorial liz.thanks for sharing ;D

xx coops xx

Fleur said...

This is just stunning Liz, I love the colours you have used and those girls look gorgeous
HUGZ Fleur xXx

Riet said...

What a gorgeous card.

Hugs Riet.xx

Larisa said...

this combination of stamps is so gorgeous....lovely coloring and great details!....

Cheryl said...

Completely fabulous! Your coloring is amazing.

Sharon said...

I love this. Amazing how something in the background can just change the whole look of an image. hugs Sharon x