My Lovely Friends,

Saturday, 20 October 2012


Hi guys, Just a quick post to apologize for not being a good bloger this week,
I've been really busy with family and finished up looking after Tegan yesterday too, she's on the move now and gets everywhere fast!!!! so no rest for the wicked,
I'm back tomorrow with a card and hopefully I'll get chance to visit you later!!!!!!
have you heard that before?????????????????????? lol
hugs Liz xx


Janette said...

Oh liz don't you comes first....xxxx

Babette said...

We all have that from time to time, so don't worry.

Vicky said...

No worries sweetie...I'm chasing my tail

take care and have a lovely weekend hun...big hugs Vicky xx

Kathya said...

Oh, Liz... Who hasn't been there, done that? I think a lot of us can relate so no worries.