My Lovely Friends,

Monday, 19 March 2012

Another darn question

Is it just me or has any one else lost their quick edit links on their blogs? answers on a postcard please or here would be preferred lol,
thanks hugs Liz xx


Sarah said...

Hi Liz chum, it's the same on my blog too, on seeing your post I checked to see and have none either, or I would have not known chum, if you find out what's up let me know please :) I hope you and your family are keeping well..
Hugs Sarah x

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Hi, you have a .de address now. Try to add a /ncr behind your .com address and then you should have your quick edit links back. I had the same problem...

Jay Jay

Debbie said...

No it's not just you dearie, I've lost mine too but you can go to the design tab and edit them there.Mr Blogger obviously in a mood!!!Take care.Hugs Debbie x

sara said...

yep its nasty mr blogger !! read this
hugs sara x x x

Christine said...

Coo eeee I thought there was something wrong with my blog cos mine are missing too no your not alone have left me answer here cos its quicker an no

smiles mummy x

Pamela said...

Hi Liz, it was driving me up the wall at the weekend. Why Oh Why do they have to keep messing about with things.
Have a look at this:
Hope that helps.

Pam x

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Hi Liz my link has been gone since Saturday!!

Janette said...

Yep Liz, happening all over the flippin place....just stand there and worked for

mags said...

Hi Liz
I have lost mine too so think it is a widespread thing. Such a pain without them.

Annette said...

I thought it was just me!!! Thanks for the tip to get it back.

ang said...

Hi there liz mine has gone too searched high and low for it, but its gone did a google search for it and it is do with the ar change (or whatever letters they said) angxx