My Lovely Friends,

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


If anybody has kindly left me comments on my last post, I do apologize for not getting back to you as my damn blog has lost them all when I’ve asked it to publish, does anybody know what to do about this or is anybody getting the same thing happening to them, I only hope they will come back, hugs Liz xx


Miria said...

don't worry. I hope you can read my comment. Unfortunately I can't help you. Perhaps you have to check comment moderation. Anyhow, your bag is fabulous. Hugs. Miria

Christine said...

Hi Liz hope you get this comm.??? seems a number of peeps are having the same probs soo dont worry bout getting back peeps know Mr Blogger only to well.

Hugs Christine xx

Mandy said...

Ooooo er hunny, I'm having trouble publishing some of mine they say they've published but stay on my dashboard I've not check to see if they are on my blog!

Thanks for your email hun, I will email you for a catch up tomoz, I've just come online to upload my Paper Play DT card & I'm planning an early night, Jode's been poorly with her asthma so I'm run ragged lol
love n hugs and smile for me :) :) :) xxxx

Cheryl said...

hi hun think it has something to do with blogger,as in my posts its only showing up 7 comments,and I have far far more then that also your post below with you bag,its showing no comments but when I know commented there were about 3 or 5,so best to hang on as mine is doing the same,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx