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Thursday, 17 August 2017

My latest Foamiran Frilly Roses with two part Tutorial - Part one

Hi guys, I've made some roses out of some of the fabulous Zephyr Silk Foamiran which I bought from Noor design UK,
It's the first time I've tried this type of Foamiran and I love it, it's so easy to use and my fingers didn't hurt quite so much either, lol
I have made a step by step tutorial for you, as I had at least one person say they liked that I did step by step, unfortunately I couldn't access her blog as she's on Google plus and my Google Chrome doesn't allow me to have access unless I join Google plus, which I don't use, so Hi and sorry I couldn't let you know I was about to do this!!! lol

So here are the finished flowers

Closer view

I have so many photo's I think I will need to do two posts, so this will be the first,
I used some of my own templates for the petals, I am rubbish at cutting the petals straight out of the foamiran so I draw them first onto graph paper then cut round these as a template,

My smaller petals are 3cm x 3cm and the larger of these two are 3.5cm x 3.5cm
These petals I used for the bud sized flower and the middle sized flower,

I coloured the petals with a Gallery  Soft pastel Olive Green 040, the pastel looks  Olive green but when added to my foam with a slightly damp wet wipe  they came out looking this lovely lemony colour,

The smaller of the petals I coloured the fronts and backs half way down the petals, the larger ones I used the same colour and only coloured on the edges of the petals as shown, around 20 petals each,

Remember silk foam doesn't need an iron so I placed one of the smallest sized petals on a cheap washing up pad which I have covered with a dry old wet wipe, this helps keep the pad stay clean, helps remove the petals and can be replaced when needed, lol
Take a metal ball tool and using the largest end, sorry not sure what size that is, press down on the petal,

Yes it is in there, honest!!!

I move my ball tool around the petal a few times,

Even scrunching up the foam pad to create more creases,

This is the finished look to the petal, I find doing this makes it easier for me to scrunch the tops of the petals together, shown next,

So holding the petal between your fingers start folding the tip of your petal together,

As you can see the base end is still unfolded, 

I usually hold this end tight with my thumb and roll the tips of the scrunched end between my finger tips of my other hand,

I do this twisting and slightly stretching the petal a few times,

Till this effect is seen,

You then take the petal and slowly stretch the middle section out with your fingers in the middle part of the flower petal, avoiding the tops,

Till your petal looks similar to this,

Repeat for all your smaller  petals,

Next take your larger petals and the same foam pad, but this time using a larger ball tool, before I bought this I used a bulb which was in my husbands shed, (he said it was a bulb used in a car) any bulb will do if it's the correct size, do be careful if you do use a bulb though as they are fragile being made out of glass,

Again I do all the same things, moving my ball tool around the petal a few times,

Till it looks similar to this, as you can see this petal isn't quite as scrunched up, but it still helps to fold the petal together at the top, I have slight arthritis in my fingers so any help is welcome!!! he he

This is the look of the scrunched petal which your after,

So again start stretching carefully the foam in the middle with your fingers, I find the Silk Foam lighter and much easier to stretch, so use very light hands,

These are the finished petal look your after, you can if you wish on the edges of some of the larger petals slightly roll back the edges on the sides as shown, you do this by rolling your fingers from the front of the petal to the back on the edge,

So I think that's enough for this post, in my next one I will show you how I start to make the flowers and add the petals,
If you have any questions, or would just like to say a few words, please feel free to leave me a comment or two, lol
Back tomorrow with my next installment,
Happy Crafting!!


Barbara Tobias said...

Thank you Liz for a great photo class. You have put a lot of time into this presentation.
I've been making paper flowers for several years and only resently discovered Foamiran. It is more than a refreshing and exciting change. I just love my finished flowers, so delicate.
If you can, would you mind telling about the various types of Foamiran.
I live in America and we seem to be just discovering this product.
Again, thank you. I'm looking forward to part 2.
Barbara Tobias
Dexter, Michigan

Deborah Artliff said...

Hi Liz I'm so pleased I follow your blog as this is just what I needed today as I'm addicted to foamarin but I've not used the silk before and it was good to hear you don't need a iron as I have some silk and I would have used the iron on it. Looking forward to part two.

Debs cards xxx