My Lovely Friends,

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Malware warning!

Hi guys, I suppose if you got a warning before coming on my site then you aren't reading this lol
but if you are here I have checked on my computer and there is no danger and I have also checked on google and my site is not listed as dangerous either!
computers eh who'd have em! back tomorrow with a picture of Tegan!!
hugs Liz xx


Μυρτώ said...

It says that you have an application from and the problem is there.



Christine said...

Hi Liz the warning DID come on but not straight away..i just clicked "Proceed anyway" to leav you this comm. Mandy Fox has had the same prob here is her blog addy check what she did for it..

smiles mummy x

downrightcrafty said...

I am getting the same error message on threat from several sites hun, appears to be linked to pricilla styles site for some unknown reason, I know your safe been here many times so I ignored it lol
Kate xx

coops said...

no problems here for me liz.i did have this on my own blog a while ago though and i to remove my bloglist for a while as it was linked to someones blog that i had in my bloglist.

xx coops xx