My Lovely Friends,

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Drum roll please!!!!

Hi guys, gosh it's been gorgeous here again today, went to the demo early, was a bit of a let down!
no Magnolias!!!! lol,
they were supposed to be demoing the Tim Holtz Vagabond die cutting machine,, it was in the box and she read what it said on it! I mean come on we all can do that!!!!

ok ranting over, is that a sigh I heard! come on be truthful lol!

right my candy winner chosen by some random thingy off the internet which wouldn't let me take it's picture( no I'm not going to rant about that)  picked number,

45/ crafting all day Teresa,

congrats hunny,
e-mail me, to let me know you've seen this,

well I'm off, this sunbathing is hard work lol,
back tomorrow with my ATSC card,
bet you can't wait!!!! lol


Larrik said...

Лиз , спасибо за шанс выиграть конфетку ! Поздравляю победительницу

Desirée-ScrapDees said...

congrats to teresa! And thanks for givin gus this chance!

CraftyLoops said...

Yeah, well done Teresa. Thanks for offering candy Liz. Lee x

Debbie said...

Well done Teresa.Have a great Sunday Liz.Love Debbie x