My Lovely Friends,

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A question

Hi peeps 
Is any one else having trouble loading their piccies onto blogger since the shut down the other day mine was on go slow now I can't get one to load at all, 
anyone else having problems?
thanks Liz xx


Babette said...

Sorry Liz, can't help you here. Haven't had any problems with blogger yet. Don't let me say that to loud or else.
Hugs Babette

Cheryl said...

hi hun i could not load mine,last night at all but seems okay today know some of the other bloggers are having problems,too hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

Di said...

Hi Liz. I've found lately that blogger tries to send me to download from Picasa (which I don't use) when I'm trying to load from an SD card - by just following through I do get to be able to browse and find the SD card but it's a pain. I suspect Blogger is close to meltdown :( Di x