My Lovely Friends,

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Another update

Hi, are you fed up with these as I am lol, yesterday my internet went off again all day! so I was onto BT again GRRRR, anyway the upshot is they have finally found out that my hub is rubbish and keeps breaking down, I told them that two months ago but hey!! what do I lnow lol,

So I've got a new one coming in the post, should be here by Monday or Tuesday at the latest, so if I'm late doing anything ie:  putting my posts on the blog or writing back to an e-mail at least you know why He he,

I will keep trying on and off but it has it's own rules and works perfectly for ages then sulks and no amount of coffee or biscuits helps lol, not in to bribery my hub!  hope you don't think I'm nuts, well I know my lovely friend  Mandy does he he, I may be nuts but I'm harmless at least lol, hope your all ok, see you soon I hope, love and


Sarah said...

Hi Liz
Thanks for letting us all know chum, but at least they have found what's up with it and lets hope you are up and running from Monday chum, have a fabulous weekend I'm off now to pick up my Mum and you are not nuts at all hehe lol' Hugs
Sarah xx

Crafty Chris said...

Mine went off again last night after tea but at least I had the phone this time, seems to be ok this morning.
Chris x

Anonymous said...

Hi Flower, Bet you won't talk to me any more, missed so much here again, just had a good old drewl over all your latest cards, I just love your ability to sew on your projects, adds such a lovely dimention...

So sorry to hear your having trouble with connection and all your bother with the your eye theropy, you know my email...easy said I know with what your going through but I am here for you even if I have missed a few posts don't mean your at the back of my mind....Honest!!!!

Keep your chin up mate, take care

Cheryl said...

put your foot down hun tell them you want compenstaion I did tell you they are the worst for,internet I totally refused to pay,any of my bills untill they sent me compensation for there stupid,thick,people at the tower,he he sorry hun but oh BT really are,awful customer service yeah right,I have been with plus net now for years not once have I had any problems,and straight through to someone at the other end no buttons,to push,and just brilliant sercive quick too,oh thats my rant for today he he hope you get it sorted soon hun if not give em my name he he that will make em move,hugs cheryl xxxx
oh one more thing I told one of the chaps,I would post him the dumies guide to computers,ha ha

Tracy said...

Glad your getting sorted Liz, computers and the internet seem to cause so much stress but we can't live without them now.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Hi Liz, I was getting stressed out last night as our Internet was down as well, but it turns out that one of the main BT nodes went out and approx. half the UK was left without Internet. LOL; maybe there'll be a baby boom next summer :P