My Lovely Friends,

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Box tutorial Lid and inside,

Hi peeps, this is the instructions for the lid,

Using the 15.2 x15.2 cm size card score 3 cm on all sides, create 4 flaps by cutting on opposing score lines to where the lines meet, trim triangle sections from each corner to create flaps,P1010899

attach double sided tape to each flap, cut a circle in the centre of the lid, and adhere the acetate underneath with double sided tape on the front apply the scalloped circle if required for decoration,


fold all score lines inside to create the lid,


Use the 12.8x 12.8 piece od card, score 2cm on each side, trim the corners as shown by cutting triangular shapes to where the score lines meet on each corner,                                                                                                 P1010902

fold in the sides and insert into the bottom of your finished box,


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and not fallen asleep lol, the instructions for the bottom of the box are on the upload before as my computer wouldn’t let me put it all on one lol,

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