My Lovely Friends,

Monday, 25 January 2010

Hi All.

My lovely friend Mandy has sent me these lovely blog awards, I’d love to send them back to you as you fit both awards but seeing as you’ve got them already you won’t want them again lol, so just take the thanks and appreciation instead,Happy_101[1]

This award you have to write 10 things to make you happy so here goes:

Family, Tilly, friends new and old,crafting,handbags(got quite a fetish for those),copics,craft shopping,reading,e-mailing friends,laughing,

Are you still with me, not lost you have I lol,

The second award isLemonade_Stand_Award_22_thumb

This is for great attitude and Gratitude, well she got that one right I’m alway’s asking Mandy for HELP and bombard her with questions, as Sam  has also found out he, he thanks hun,

You are supposed to give this award to 10 people, but I think everyone I’ve met through blogging deserves these awards, so if your here, add these to your blog and enjoy, as I’ve done ,

Love and Hugs Liz xx

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Susan's crafty chaos said...

Hi Liz, it's lovely to find out a bit about you, Cheryl on OSAAT has a couple of Westies too (Lol, I keep meeting crafting people with Westies). Tilly looks adorable :D