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Friday, 18 August 2017

Foamiran Frilly Roses Tutorial - part two

Hi guys, I'm here with part two of my Foamiran Frilly Roses tutorial for you, part one was posted yesterday if you would like to watch that first,

Closer View

Yesterday I showed you how to shape the petals for the smaller bud type and middle sized flower,
today I will show you the size of petals I used for the larger one and how I put them together,

So the largest flowers used petals 3.5cm x 3.5cm and 4 x 4.5, again these were drawn by me and then used as a template to cut round the foamiran,

Take a piece of wire, I have used some wire my hubby gave me but you can buy wires for flowers,

At one end form a loop with a pair of pliers or if your wires thinner use your fingers, don't use too thin of a wire if you wish your roses to stand up straight as mine are in a vase,

To this add some glue from your glue gun,

Take one of your smaller petals and add the glued wire to one side as shown,

Make sure it is in the correct place and held firm,

Add some more glue to the inner part of your petal,

Then wrap the petal around the wire and glue into place,

Sorry for the slightly blurred photo's hubby was helping me and his arms were beginning to ache, lol

Add some glue to begin your next layer, adding the glue where the edge of the petal finished,

 Sorry ignore the petals on my mat, I hadn't realised they were in the photo till later, so take your next petal and place the middle of it on to the glue you just added,

Then glue the edges of this petal down too,

Keep repeating this step till you have quite a few petals attached,

Doing exactly the same way of adding the petals, it is so hard to show you in step by step where you are of course missing bit's but I hope you are still with me,

Here the petal has been glued and I am about to glue the edge in place,

If a petal seems to be unstuck or I have been heavy handed with the glue I sometimes use a wooden skewer to help hold the petal so I don't burn my fingers!!! lol

Of course I then carry on adding more petals in the same way but at this stage only adding glue to the base of the petals, I go with how the flower is looking not by how many petals I have added,

Here you can see it beginning to come together a little, by only gluing the base the flower has more form and isn't just a tight bud, you can of course keep them tight if that's the look your after,

So again only gluing at the base of the petals I add more layers, nip the base together with your fingers occasionally to give some shape,

I check to see how it's looking and how many more petals I wish or need  to add, I would probably added a couple or so more here if I was making a small type rose head, as shown on my finished flowers above!!

For the  middle sized  flower I would add more petals of the smaller size, in exactly the same way, then add the next size up coloured on the edges only, ( Sizes given on my first Tutorial, shown yesterday)

aFor the largest flower head, at this point I start using the larger petals only coloured on the petal edges,

This gives a lovely two tone look to the flowers, add a couple or more layers then...

Again check to see how your flowers looking,

The underneath view!!

This is coming along nicely, you can slightly shape it by cupping it in your hands or fanning out the petals from the middle to the outside too if needed,

Of course remove any glue strings too, I always seem to see them more on my photos then on my flowers, lol

I then finish off my flowers with some Olive green Foamiran in 0.6, this can take the Iron,

So basically I hand cut  my flower  Calyx's out of a square of Foamiran, I will do step by step of this another time as hubby is fed up!!! lol
But this is the look your after, I then add some colour on the edges and heat them on a moderate iron for a few seconds then scrunch them up as shown on the left one,

As you see the curl up beautifully, slightly uncurl them, not too much and glue onto the base of your Roses,
I glue them near the wire and  and a little way down the petals, again I will show you that at a later date if needed, just let me know!!! I then give the pointed outer edges a final twist with my fingers,

To finish them off I added some floral tape to my wires and some hand cut leaves,
Well I hope you have enjoyed my tutorials, any questions just ask, see you soon,
Happy Crafting!!


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