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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Name your Technique week, with A Candle Tutorial for you

Hi guys, yep it's Sunday again which means it's my day to show you my inspiration for
the  Name your Technique week over at the 
There are many techniques out there for us crafters, embossing, distressing, masking, stitching etc, but the one I'm showing you today is how to add an image to a candle,
it's got quite a few photo's so grab a cuppa first, lol

You will need some basic products first as shown on the photo below, I have used copics but as long as your medium is fairly dry I think you could try it, like say distress markers etc as long as you didn't use water to spread them,
This shows my coloured image on the tissue paper with a piece of copy paper underneath as the copics tend to go through the tissue paper to what's underneath, lol
Next step!!
This next part needs a little patience and tweaking!! lol
Wrap your image and candle with the waxed or grease proof paper,

Start  gently heating your image,

Closer view of how I held the waxed paper too,

Nearly Finished!!


You can now finish off your candle with any embellishments of your choice at this stage,

So there you have my tutorial on my candle with image, hope it was ok, and you could understand it
well enough, if you have any questions though, just ask,

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Happy Crafting!!
Hugs Liz xx

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Pamellia Johnson said...

Fabulous technique Liz and I just love how you decorated the image after it was on the candle. Beautiful project! hugs :)