My Lovely Friends,

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Have you missed me!

Just a quick post to say why I've not been around a couple of days, posting that is, 
saw my Sister the first day, she's got a Labrador crossed with a large Poodle, so it's  a Labradoodle, towers over Tilly as you can imagine lol,

second day, well this was perfect!
Kay asked me if I wanted to go to her scan and see the baby, well of course I said try to hold me back!
it was fantastic and I saw it put it's little arm over it's head like it was stretching, so precious, I had to hold back the tears!!! big soppy Nanna to be!

Yesterday was lovely too I had Heather from Rica's Haven visit me, she was down here visiting her daughter so we got together for a craft chat and play,
it was lovely! I really enjoyed it, Heathers lovely and we had a real good laugh,

When she was leaving, we remembered we'd forgot to take piccies, so this is taken on Jim's phone,

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,
 I'm off to get some Magnolias which have arrived at the shop for me,
Love and hugs Liz xx


Janette said...

Hi Liz, sounds like your having a lovely time of it....good pic of you and Heather, and bet you can't wait for your Grandchild to arrive now.....have fun with your new stash.xx

Miria said...

of course we missed you, hun. I'm so happy you could see the baby, how sweet! Have a nice weekend, Miria

D K Crafts said...

Hi Liz. Sounds like you have had a lovely few days. Glad all is going well with your daughter. Enjoy your weekend. Donna

Chrissy said...

Two gorgeous ladies, glad you caught up and had a lovely day.

Nicola said...

What a fabulous three days you´ve had Liz, hope you have many more like these.
Nicola -x-

Mau xx said...

You have certainly had an exciting few days Liz, it sounds wonderful... and now Magnolias..WOW! how much can a girl take..more fun to come when you get your hands on them.
Have a great weekend xx

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun for you!! Babies are so precious and so happy to hear you enjoying time with your family!! Enjoy it!! BIG HUGS