My Lovely Friends,

Monday, 24 January 2011

Hi Peeps

Just letting you know why my blogs been quiet for a few days, my lovely son brought home a stomach bug, which believe me hasn't been nice,
it's left me very tired too, and my appetites not back yet either so I don't suppose that helps, not a nice way to lose weight though he he,
Anyway just wanted to let you know I've not been visiting, hope to see you later,


Mummylade said...

eek, sounds horrible, hope you're recovering by now, at least before your birthday

Chrissy said...

OH!!! Poor Liz. No, its not nice.Get well soon, and look forward to your return.

chrissy xx said...

Wondered where you were Liz.
These things certainly take it out of you.
Take Care

Hello I'm Sarah said...

Hi Chum so sorry that you have had this awful bug I hope you are feeling better soon Liz, thanks so much for your help I got your email chum, and as I'm off to dreaded work now I will have a go later as my blog always looks cluttered to me, your one in a million cheers!! lots Hugs and take care Sarah x

heidy said...

Sorry to hear that your not feeling wel at the mo,hoop your feeling better soon.
Big hugs Heidy

Anonymous said...

So sorry you're sick sweetie!! Hope you get to feeling better real soon!!HUGS

Miria said...

So sorry, hun. Hope you get better soon, hugs, Miria xx