My Lovely Friends,

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A question lol,

I  would like to know if  on your blog when you  see this you  can see a box around my signature which is usually  under my post, my signature is white, with hopefully a transparent surround, the reason I'm asking is because I use Google Chrome and I can see a box but on my hubby's laptop which is on  Explorer 8 I can't see one, this is only for information as I don't think I can get rid of it on Google Chrome but I just thought I'd ask lol,

If you do reply either way would you tell me which browser you use too,

I'll look forward to your reply's lol, hugs Liz xx


Christine said...

Hiya Liz I can only see your white signature NO BOX..I,m using Internet Explorer..hope your feeling better?? Iv'e just finished decorating me craft room..nitemare task..not recomended..LOL

smiles Christine xx

chrissy xx said...

Got my glasses on lol. but me no see any box! But it loooooks nice.

Dragonlady said...

Hi Liz

No I can't see a white box your signature is perfect.
I use Windows Internet Explorer - I think!!!!

Hugs Ali x

Elaine said...

Hi Liz,
No box around your signature for me! Just your name in white and that's all. I still use explorer, too cowardly to change to anything else!
Guess what arrived in my post bag today? I need to mount them first, so it may take me a few days as we've got a busy week, but at least they're here, and I'll let you know when I've done them and posted to you.
Hope you're feeling better.

Love Elaine xx

Tracy said...

There is no box Liz, I use AOL Broadband.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Sarah said...

Hi Liz, I can see a Box around it chum, I using Google Chrome Liz and my signature looks ok on my blog!! does it chum, will you check for me please lol' hope you get it sorted out let me know hugs xx
Sarah xx

Cheryl said...

hi hun I cant see any box around it I am using windows,xp and google,hugs cheryl xx

Tammy - That's me on the left! said...

LOL there is no box around your signiture Hun. I use explorer 7, went on the laptop which is 8 and there was no box there either. Good Luck LOL Hugs Tammy x

Anonymous said...

Morning luvy,
sorry for the delay in commenting....
Wendy has set me up a PC at the workshop so hopefully as I spend most of the week there I will be able to keep up to speed with my buds from now on...
I can see a box, is that a good or bad thing...I use mozilla

Hope your feeling better, take care

Nicola said...

Can´t see your sig on this post but on your latest card there is no box at all, I use IE.
Nicola -x-

Mandy said...

I see no box except for the one I'm writing in now lol.
Windows 7 Vista, 34-24-34, brunette, brown eyes, been 19 for many years, ummm anything else you'd like to know ha ha ha
love n hugs Mandy xx