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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Another Foamiran Flower Tutorial

Hi guys, I thought I'd show you a few Foamiran flowers I've made out of Silk Foam in white and Lady E 002 leaves dies, they will of course make fabulous leaves too,

I made a few out of the 3 different sizes of the dies, 

So take a strip of the Silk foam and die cut the dies using 4 layers together, the dies cuts through the 4 layers easily.

Colour on the edges of the petals with a oil pastel, to do this use the pastel as you would a crayon simply going along the edges of the flower as shown below,

When you've done all the edges, draw along the middle of each petal to the centre using the oil pastel the same way, sorry for the slightly blurred photo, my cameras's playing up!!

Fold the petals over each other as shown below, then scrunch along the length a few times,

On the base (middle) section of the flower ( where the petals meet) as you scrunch slightly pull it outwards too, do this gently so the Foam stretches along the length just a little but doesn't tear,

Unfold the scrunched flower head, then slightly spread the petals one at a time in the middle, leaving the top edge as it is, do this on each petal.

Here is the flower from the back where you can see the stretched section at the base of the flower, this gives depth to the flower head,

Make a hole in the center of the flower head.

Take a thin piece of wire, a double headed stamen and a piece of floral tape cut along it's length down the middle so you get a thinner width to work work.

Bend the stamen over so one of the heads is slightly above the other, as shown below.

Take your wire and the stamen and fix them together with the end of the wire slightly below the bottom head, then wrap the floral tape around the wire and stamens along the length,

Add a drop of glue about 1 cm to 1.5 cm below the stamen heads and fix the flower head in place,

At this stage you can tweek the edges of the petals if needed,

Do the same stages for all the flower heads, as shown below I also made some similar type flowers using some 0.6 Foamiran in a lilac purple colour, I did the same steps just useing a darker purple oil pastel along the edges and middle lines, I used the same stamens but coloured the tips with a copic pen to match in with the colours,

They can of course be made in any colour way.

Hope I've inspired you to have a go, any question as always just ask,
Check out Emilia's fb page for more ideas too
Happy Creating!!


Gina Knott said...

WOW Liz, your flowers are stunning, I love them.
Gina xx

Pollard Carole said...

So delicate these are very special and you are so talented Love nd hugs Carole x

Ellen said...

So beautiful!