My Lovely Friends,

Friday, 22 July 2016

Remembering the fun!!!

Hi guys, way back in 2009, when I first started my blog, my lovely friend Mandy
( a sprinkling of glitter) sent me this,
I just couldn't resist writing it again to see if and how the answers have changed,
of course it's just for fun!! lol
I hope you may have a go too, leave me a link and I will visit you to see your answers too,

1)  Where is your cell phone - Somewhere I'll know when it rings

2) Hair - Washed and actually behaving itself for a change

3) Your mother - At home

4) Your father - No idea

5)Your favourite food - edible

6) Your dream last night - tooooo hot to sleep

7) Your favourite drink - coffee/ wine but not mixed together, lol

8) Your dream goal - Happiness

9) What room are you in - Craft room

10) Your Hobby - Crafting!!!

11) Your fear - still spiders -  YUK

12) Where do you want to be in six years time - still here!!

13) Where was you last night - at home 

14) Something you aren't - awake

15) Muffins - no

16) Wish list items - too many

17) Where did you grow up - here

18) Last thing you did - answered this

19) What are you wearing - still clothes , why what are you?

20) Your TV - off

21) Your pet - still a dog

Your friends - daft and hopefully laughing at and  joining in with this

Your life - happy

Your mood - Laughing

Missing someone - sort off

Vehicle - Shanks pony ( or a pedestrian to the uneducated) lol

Something your not wearing - shoes (I like bare feet)

Your favourite store - craft shops

Favourite colour - blue

Last time you laughed - now

Last time you cried - can't remember

Your best friend - Don't here from her much these days, 

One place you go to often - school, for the school run

One person who e-mails regularly - no one

Favourite place to eat - out - no cooking!!

Face book - yes  

you were only supposed to answer with one word, but then I never did read the small print, lol
and yes Mandy I really enjoyed doing this again, lol
Happy Crafting!!

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