My Lovely Friends,

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hi Peeps

Just letting you know why I've been AWOL a little,
Had a very busy weekend with family, just the usual, the Monday Jim was off and I had the hairdresser at night, so I was all set to be on here yesterday and I got a text off Kay saying some one had run into the back of her car and she was in hospital waiting to be checked out, as she had a throbbing banging headache,
the doctor would have done an x-ray and a catscan but because she's pregnant he couldn't, as you can imagine I was worried sick and felt sick too,
Anyway eventually last night her headache eased and she seemed ok, but she's to kept an eye on for 48hours,

So I'll see you peeps soon, hugs Liz xx


Cheryl said...

morning hun oh gosh what a worry for you,hope she is okay,and continues,to improve hun take it easy,hugs cherylx

Crafty Chris said...

OMG I am sure you where worried sick with the baby and all, thinking of yous and let us know how she is.
Chris x

D K Crafts said...

Hi Liz. I hope everything is ok and she is feeling better today. Donna

chrissy xx said...

So glad Kay's a lot better. Been thinking about you all today.