My Lovely Friends,

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Oh No!

You'll never guess what, actually I bet you can my stupid internets playing up again, I can't believe it!
I've finally managed to get on here but it doesn't want to know my e-mail, so I think their must be a problem with the Windows live mail site and I will have to change it, GRRR it's going to be so much faffing!!!! but I will wait till hubby gets home and ask him lol, not that he's got a clue either he he,
Oh well I'd best put my cards on as who knows if I'll get back, yet again,
MY colour create card is the lovely Di's choice and she has chosen the colours of
Black, mint green,gold and cream with the optional extra of fireworks or sparkle,
and we are being sponsored by Michelle's Scrapbooking

 now some of the girls have scratched their heads rather a lot over the extra and it is a bit of a head scratcher lol,but here's mine anyway lol,

I think some things telling me to give up with blogging as as well as my computer playing up I started this card and my E31 copic and my E51 copic ran out both of which were needed ,then my blade in my craft knife broke it broke the knife too so I'm not impressed and then to top it off my trimmer blade went blunt only not when it's being changed because it cut my thumb and it's still sore,
sorry my photo looks wishy washy yet another thing on that day lol,
Now for my Paperplay creation this time it's our lovely Evonne's choice and she has chosen
 circles lots of them,
we are sponsored by Stitchy Bear and because I can't get my mail I'm sorry but I can't tell you what my image is called, see the problems computers cause lol,

This proved hard to photograph so I'm sorry if it's not to clear but hopefully you get the idea lol,
Are any of you going to the NEC, wish I was but too many pennies spent on my glasses saga I'm afraid, 
I would  have loved to meet you all though, may be next time, unless you come for a coffee that is lol,
Oh well, I do hope I get my stupid computer sorted, I really can't believe I'm still having problems it seems never ending, so hopefully I'll be seeing you later,


Crafty Chris said...

you sound as if you are having a great time :o( not, I have just coloured this image and looked at that piano in the shop the other day and didnt go for it who's sorry now she is just perfect sitting up there, my hubby sat here for 4 or 5 hrs yesterday config this one Im back to firefox again, bloody computers they are awful when they are not working right.
Chris x

Sandra said...

Oh, I'm sorry for your misfortunes, Liz... I hate it that the Internet fails when we most need it!!

Cute, cute card!! I loved the piano!!


Sharon said...

Hi Liz,

A very drama filled card but well worth it! Your card looks gorgeous :) Love the idea of fireworks in the window! Tilda looks magnificent perched up there on the Piano too!

Sharon x

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Oh Liz, it never rains but it pours, hopefully things will start to improve soon :)
Both of your creations are gorgeous, even with all your problems, well done! :)

Sharon said...

Two beautiful makes Liz. What a creative way to incorporate the fireworks - they look fab. It's great to see a New Year card too.
Sharon xx