My Lovely Friends,

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Latest latest update lol,

Hi my lovely friends,
 Well I went to the opticians yesterday and he said he'd tried  vary focals because they were better or some such but because of the difference I must need from reading up close to were my computer screen is he couldn't get the balance right, so I'm having two different pairs now and my long distance is only slightly going so for now it's ok not to have those, so  if I meet  you in the street I should see you he he,

So as you will have worked out I'm back on my over the counter glasses for now, so I still  have to give my eyes a rest in between gosh I feel like a stuck record lol,

I hope my next ones are right I feel like it's been years lol!!!!

And at least it wasn't me who just couldn't get the vary focals right, so I'll hopefully be visiting you shortly, off Christmas shopping with Kay today ,well she'll be shopping I'll be spending probably he he,

Hope your all having a lovely weekend it's pouring down here, best find my brolly lol,

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TropicLuv said...

Hope the eyeglasses will be sorted out soon!!! Hang in there. I know what you mean about the brolly! I am in Oregon visiting my daughter and there is a BIG storm going through. You need your wellies too!! LOL! I posted a few pics on my page of the beautiful trees changing color, I so love to see them. Have a great week ahead, luv n' hugs, J:)