My Lovely Friends,

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Have you missed me lol

Hi my lovely friends,
I'm not posting a card yet again, I'm just letting you know how I'm going on with my eye strain,
the glasses I got were just off the counter which is the type I've used before, they helped a lot but I was and still am getting strain that's horrible, so I took myself off to the opticians and I need different lens strengths  from one eye to the other and also
I'm just going into needing them for my distance too, so no wonder I'm in pain he he,
Anyway I thought I'd just keep you up to date as I'm not blogging a lot as I keep having to do a little then resting them or else the pain is like a poker in my eye which is there  at night too and then I don't get much sleep and so my eyes are strained from getting up, oh the joys of getting older lol,



Hi Liz - don't worry about blogging and crafting etc. - that can wait. The important thing is to get your eye problems sorted out. I do hope that all goes well for you.
Love and {{{{hugs}}}}, Sylvia xxx

Miria said...

Hi, Liz. I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I know what you mean 'cause not me - at the moment - but my husband is having similar sight problems. Don't worry about the blog, we know you'll be back with your wonderful creations as soon as you can. Best wishes from your Italian blogfriend Miria

Christine said...

Hiya Liz take care enjoy the rest from blogging..

smiles Christine xx

ps let me know if you want any images??

Sarah said...

Yeah we are missing you, but get your eyes better first before blogging - we will wait to see your talent. Hugs and best wieshes Sarah X

Di said...

Hi Liz
Sorry to hear about your eyes, i work in an eye dept at the hosp and qualified as an othoptist and see lots of this kind of stuff.
If you spend too much time focusing for near you can give yourself a accommadative spasm which is really painful.
What you need to do all the time is look up every 15 mins and stare into the distance for 15-20 secs and this will relax your muscles out. try this aswell as your glasses.
Feel better soon.
Hugs Di xxxx

debby4000 said...

No wonder you have eye strain.

Deirdre said...

You poor ol' thing... sending hugs your way..... wishing you a speedy recovery. Deirdre