My Lovely Friends,

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Another moan lol

Hi peeps, I'm back for the moment at least, Jim rang BT and they said it seems to be working now so like what do you want me to do, then said it may be windows live, I said windows live shouldn't stop google chrome and explorer coming on should it so he waffled some more,

I've gone on windows live to look for a number for someone  that you can talk to on there and is there one not a chance, all questions and answer and complaints quite a  lot of those actually, some made me think not getting on wasn't so bad lol,
so I'm posting a question, any good e-mail servers out there that any one knows about, that tells you when you've got mail and then lets you read it lol,
I've got to monitor my e-mail attempts for 24 hours, then if it's not working phone up BT who will then see if there's a problem and if  it wants to take the blame,
so I could be back tomorrow or may be not, one just never knows lol,
 hugs Liz xx 
ps thanks for your kind words, my barks worse than my bite you'll be pleased to know !!!


Christine said...

Hiya Liz isnt modern techno thingy a B.... sod when it goes wrong?? plz dont pull out yer lovely hair its not worth it hun..LOL I sometimes have probs with Windows Internet Exp.. our phone exchange is sooo old its no good updating our tinternet to a fab speed cos we wont get it..we have Tiscali now Talk Talk as provider had it yrs..& get free phone calls..cant say we would swap..hubby is NO GOOD at comp..cant even sort out the sky telly.. rant on all yer like but leave yer hair..

smiles Christine xx

Miria said...

I've got something for you on my blog. Miria


Hi Liz - I recently changed to Windows Live because I couldn't open incoming atachments any more on my ordinary Windows Mail, for some unknown reason. I found Windows Live to be just as bad, with the same problem as I had with the ordiinary Windows Mail. So - a blogging friend suggested gmail, (Google Mail), so I changed to that - very simple indeed, and it's great. No problems opening pictures, or attachments etc. It's worth a try Liz. If you need any more info. please e-mail me.
Hugs, Sylvia xx

Cheryl said...

hun you should be able to go onto anyones computer to read your eamils as i did when I had no computer,you go into,internet explorer then onto intamail,then as long as you know your password,to your email account you just type that in and away you go love hugs cheryl xxxxxxxxxxx