My Lovely Friends,

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Yeah I’m so Excited lol,

My summer stamps have come off Magnolia, I couldn't believe I’d left them in the letterbox thinking it would be junk mail while I played on my computer lol, what makes it even better is that I won them on their website so I’m off now to play lol, hugs Liz xx


Miria said...

congrats, Liz. Have fun with them! Hugs. Miria

Mina said...

wwwooohhhoooo good for you girl...I cant believe I forgot to order mine this time :-(....have fun
Mina xxx

Lori said...

Liz... since you can't see anyway without your glasses, I'll be happy to use the Maggies for you!!! I wouldn't want them to just sit and be!!! offer... I'll just wait until you ink yours up one time and then you can send them to me. You KNOW that you won't use them more than once ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Have a fabulous weekend : )
Love and BIG hugs ~